God Emperor

God Emperor

Monday, August 11, 2014

Watch the skies!

I'm Jack, and I want to give you a transcendent, shared experience that makes your life better.

I want to make games that bring you closer to another human being, by taking you together through a unique story that no-one else on the planet will ever experience. I want to make games that explore the giant, corroded and broken systems we're trapped in, by sticking you inside them and giving you a crisis to deal with. And I want to make the kind of crazy shit I've never played before. To do all this, I'm organizing a Megagame in Brisbane.

A Megagame is where you shove 40 people together as the world leaders of every nation on earth, in the middle of the greatest crisis the world's ever seen. You're the Prime Minister of Australia, your buddies are the lead General, Diplomat and Scientist. You're running around squabbling in the UN, racing against time to develop vital tech, stonewalling the press and trying to muster enough forces to take down the cabal of sinister alien players hiding in the back room.

Some of the coolest people I've ever met have gathered together to help make this thing possible. We've got Ralph Muhlberger (who used to teach game design at UQ), Keith Done, designer Jason Wesley Kotzur-Yang, and Craig Hargraves. The generous Matthew Adams is providing art, including the header for this blog (Hire him for your art thing, he's amazing). We're all working to run the same Megagame in the video I've embedded above: Watch the Skies! It's designed by Jim Wallman, who's helping us out. We're also getting tips and tricks from the guys running the New York Megagame and Sydney Megagame.

We'll be launching an Eventbrite page next week. Stay tuned for more updates, and grab a ticket there when it's up. I'll be posting cool making-of stuff and answering questions here and on the Facebook, Twitter and G+ links on the sidebar.