God Emperor

God Emperor

Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Details

What could lie within this mysterious envelope? Perhaps the [redacted] for the alien [redacted]?!
The Megagame will take place on Sunday the 28th of September, from 9:30 to 5:00 (we'd encourage you to come hang out at the pub afterwards if you can). The Eventbrite page to sign up for it will go live this Sunday, the 24th. Ticket price will be $29.99 $27.49!


Do I need to sign up with a team?

Nah. You sign up individually. We'll ask you what team and position you'd like to play on - President of Brazil, Reporter, Alien, etc - but if you don't have a strong preference or anyone you want to stick with, that's fine.

Can I buy more than one ticket at once?

Yes, you can buy up to five tickets in one go.

How many other people can I team up with?

Countries will be from 2 players (if not many people sign up) to a maximum of 5 players. We expect most teams will be 4 players. The Media will have a maximum of 3 players, and there will be 9 Aliens.

How many people will be there?

We're expecting around 40.

What if someone signs up, but doesn't show up?

We will have a section where you can sign up as a substitute. If anyone bails, we'll call you. You can then replace them, and play for free. Of course, it's not certain that you'll get to play at all, but it's a good option if you're interested in the off chance of a free game.

I have a special request...

When you sign up, there will be a comment box saying "Any special requests?" If you have any special preference (for example, you don't care what you play but you want to make sure you're on a team together with your friend, or you want to make sure a friend of yours is first in line to sub for your team), you can type it out in there and we'll take it into account when constructing teams. You can also contact us about it through the Facebook page, Twitter or the comments below.

Is it a straight aliens VS humans deathmatch?

Nope. It's a roleplaying game with a heavy focus on diplomacy. We have no idea how the story will play out: that will be determined by the decisions you guys make. Whatever happens, it won't be the straight "Humans Win!" or "Aliens Win!" you get from a board game.

Is this like that Shut up and Sit down thing?

Exactly like it. We're using the same rules and materials as in the video below, and co-operating with designer Jim Wallman. If you have any questions please watch this, it'll give you a great idea of what the game will be like.

The only difference is that we'll be changing the aliens, so the ending of this video won't spoil you for the game.

Any other questions, please ask them below and I'll add them to this FAQ.