God Emperor

God Emperor

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Map

One of the thing  Shut Up and Sit Down mentioned about the Megagame in their podcast was a desire for cool aesthetic touches. This is a topic close to my heart. I am a glutton for art, particularly the art in physical games. Stuff you can wipe your boots on, y'know?

This stuff does so much to catapult the game into a psychic energy mind-o-sphere. It's immersive and I love it. I'd love to pay as much attention to art and stage-craft as you see in a theater. So for example, rather than print out the map, we painted it on canvas. Featured in these photos are my good friends, Matt Rundle and Jack Peereboom.

Click this one to make it bigger.

Notice the string? I'm going to use that to show the boundaries between zones. The cities have a tiny paper flag pinned on them for names (check out Brazil). The next step is to find great looking miniatures to complement it. The guys at Zedtown have suggested renting their own, 3D printed miniatures out to us.

There are a few other immersive little art touches we've talked about: We might be able to mail out the Player Handbooks in manila folders stamped with TOP SECRET.